MVLib - Short Writeup - Version 4.0
Creating HTML document from fortran code - last update: March 2017
Source code available for local users only
htmlheader (title,window,lun) Allows to write, on the file opened with logic unit lun, the header of an HTML document. The first argument is a character string specifying the title of the document, the second first argument is a character string specifying the name of an external window opened by a java script, if this string is empty, the script definition is not added to the document.
javascript1(link,title,window,icon,lun) javascript1 allows to add, to a previous openend HTML table; the routine assumes that the user wants to add an icon (4th argument), clicking on this icon an external window (3th argument) must be open with the image specified by the first argument. When the mouse is over the icon the string specified by the second argument is displayed. If the icon is an empty string the element of the table will be the
htmlsignature (software,version,authors,lun) Usually used at the end of a html page. The routine add to the file opened in the logic unit lun the code specifying that this document has been automatically produced by MVLib routines, the first three characters parameter respectively specify the name of the program, the version and the author(s).
htmltabel(text,link,align,lun) htmltabel writes in the logic unit specified by the last integer argument (lun) the HTML code corresponding to an element of a table. The element of the table is specified by the character string text passed as fist argument. If the second argument is a non zero-lenght string this will represent the link of table element. Integer parameter align specifies if the alignment of the text must be on the left (align < 1), right (align > 1) or center (align = 1).
htmltable(ele,nele,nxrow,startl,endl,lun) Allows
mkhtmlpres(files,htmlname,title) Allows
htmlspecialchar(row) The string passed as argument is processed and it is changed in order to can ba used as html code.
timeseries2html(db,first,last) Allows to create an html page with an overview of the time series available for the database specified as first argument. A table will be produced for the year-range specified by the second and third integer arguments.
The html table will contains, for each sensor and year, the number of data actually available.