MVLib - Short Writeup - Version 5.0
Setting of internal parameters - Last update: December, 04 2013
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How to set MVLib internal integer flags. MVLib routines area affected by a group of integer parameters stored in the vecor iflg. Each parameter has a keyword associated with it, the user may want to set the value of parameter specifying the symbolic name or the component, in both cases you have to call the interface routine mvsetflags with two arguments, the first is a string or an integer specifyng the parameter, the second is the value you want to set. As an example the following calls are equivalent:
	call mvsetflags('Log Level',10.0)
	call mvsetflags(1,10.0)
	call mvsetflags(1,10)
Component Simbolic name Affected subroutines
1 Log Level Whole library
2 X size displayplot, produciplot
3 boxplot
4 plot 1d meteogrammi
5 domain ginterp, mm5basefld, mm5grafset, mm5colormap, mm5colorzoom, mm5freccette, crocette, mm5confini, apriilgks, mm5freccetelle
6 current month agchnl (called by NCARGraph to set labels of axis)
7 check landuse ginterp, closest
8 Logo displayplot, produciplot
9 html style htmlheader
10 data style All the subroutines manipulating the date
12 Colore titoli Whole graphic library
13 Colore assi Whole graphic library
14 Colore freccette Whole graphic library
15 Reset asse x meteogrammi
16 Colore confini
17 Confini ncar mm5grafset
18 Misura vento mm5freccette
19 Colore isolinee contorni
20 curva di livello contorni
21 Size delle scritte scrivisulplot, boxzoomnumber, boxnumber
22 Coordinate grafiche scrivisulplot, pallocchetto, rettangolino, triangolino
23 indice latlon grinterp
24 cellular step cellularplot
25 Colore sfondo Whole graphic library
26 Numero di colori makepalette
27 Palette di colori makepalette
28 contorno ai pallocchi pallocchetto, rettangolino, triangolino
29 label bar mm5colormap
30 distruggi fotogrammi viacolvento
31 Asse x agchnl (called by NCARGraph to set labels of axis)
32 colori plot2d To verify
33 step freccette mm5freccette
34 random seed acaso, gauss
35 qnorm number of bin qnorm
36 asse y
37 Primo colore
38 ogni quanti colori
39 scrivi max-min
40 colore plotta plotta, plottav, plottavw
41 Tipo di carattere Whole graphic package
42 Colore freccetelle
43 Colore sfondo plot plottavw
44 Internal use in plotta module plottavw, plottaborder
45 Boundaries behaviour boundaries
46 displayplot format displayplot
47 X java window size htmltable
48 plot confini visualizzaplot, displayplot
51 Label direction
52 Stile freccette 2
53 Histogram color 3
54 Internal use by subroutine makepalette makepalette
55 Internal use by subroutine plottaframe plottaframe
56 Size delle label 6
57 Century All the subroutines manipulating the time indexes
58 Video control 8
59 Displayplot behaviour displayplot
60 som neural init
61 som neural distance
62 openmuseofiles behaviour openmuseofiles
63 Internal use by subroutine behaviour behaviour
64 Boxplot style boxplot
65 CHyMdownscaling cycles chymdownscaling
66 html table color
67 histogram background mvbookplot
68 histogram statistic mvbookplot
69 plotta fill plotta, plottav, plottavw
70 CHyM log unit
71 CHyM standard domain
72 Calendar All the subroutines manipulating the time indexes
73 taylorplot sigma taylorplot
75 Y java window size htmltable
76 Planet
77 Netcdf error If the NetCDF library is not installed in the current platform, the program ends after the first call to any routine using this library; this happen if this flag is set to default value (0). If this flag is set to a non-zero values, the calls to NetCDF library produce an error message, but the program is not stopped.
rflg vector
Component Simbolic name Affected subroutines
1 X left Whole graphic package
2 X right Whole graphic package
3 Y bottom Whole graphic package
4 Y top Whole graphic package
8 Size delle linee monthlyplot, contorni, plottavw, nuoviconfini, boundaries, contorno
17 Size del carattere mvsetgraphpar, plotpalette, scrivisulplot, boundaries
18 Internal use jnplot, jnlegend
19 Internal use jnplot, jnlegend
20 Internal use jnplot, jnlegend
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