Last update: 10-Nov-2022


For any support with RTTOV-gb, please refer to: rttovgb[at]

RTTOV-gb is the ground-based version of the fast radiative transfer model RTTOV.
RTTOV-gb is a FORTRAN 90 code for simulating ground-based upward-viewing radiances, designed to be incorporated within user applications. RTTOV-gb is currently limited to microwave radiances.
Given an atmospheric profile of temperature, water vapour and, optionally, cloud liquid water content, and together with a viewing geometry, RTTOV-gb computes the bottom of atmosphere radiances and brightness temperatures in each of the channels of the sensor being simulated.

Obtaining RTTOV
RTTOV-gb is available to licensed users free of charge. RTTOV-gb may be obtained by registering with the NWP SAF website (if you have not already done so) and then selecting RTTOV-gb in your software preferences.

Documentation and Resources
Instructions for compiling and running RTTOV-gb may be found on the RTTOV-gb User Guide within the software package downloadable from the NWP SAF SVN-based repository.
Other resources include:
- Pressure levels: DAT
- Pressure levels and regression limits: XLS
- Regression coefficients: Table
For more information on reference profiles and regression limits see the related link on the official RTTOV website.

RTTOV-gb code updates
Updates and bug fixes to RTTOV-gb will be published here.

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- De Angelis et al. AMT 2017. Available at: HTML PDF
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