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Work Package 2 - Hydrological Modeling

Group Leader

Marco Verdecchia

Staff Members

Barbara Tomassetti Valentina Colaiuda Annalina Lombardi

Tel . (+39)-0862-433046 Fax. (+39)-0862-433033

Most relevant papers related to Cetemps WP2 activities and
CHyM (Cetemps HYdrological Model)

  1. Tomassetti B., F. Giorgi, M. Verdecchia and G. Visconti, Regional model simulation of the hydrometeorological effects of the Fucino Lake on the surrounding region, Annales Geophysicae, 21, pp. 2219-2232, 2003.
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  18. Erika Coppola, Marco Verdecchia, Filippo Giorgi, Valentina Colaiuda, Barbara Tomassetti, Annalina Lombardi, Changing hydrological conditions in the Po basin under global warming, Sci Total Environ (2014).

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