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2nd Announcement of 2016 summer school on “Advanced Programming Techniques for the Earth System Science”


CETEMPS (Center of Excellence for remoTE sensing and numerical Modeling for the Prediction of Severe weather,http://cetemps.aquila.infn.it) is organizing the 12th edition of the International Summer School on Atmospheric and Oceanic Science (ISSAOS) with the title:

“Advanced Programming Techniques for the Earth System Science”

The intent of the ISSOAS-2016 summer school is to review and to provide the basics for the effective exploitation of increasingly available High Performance Computing (HPC) resources in the field of Earth System Science. The location of the ISSAOS-2016 school will at the:

Gran Sasso Science Institute, L’Aquila, Italy, from August 28 to September 2, 2016.

More details can be found at the URL:

The free pre-registration phase has been opened on 18th January and will close on 29th February.

We already received a significant amount of subscribers, so we will very likely have to cap the number of participants. For that reason, interested people are strongly advised to pre-register at their earliest convenience:

For more information, please contact Gabriele Curci (gabriele.curci@aquila.infn.it).

Looking forward to seeing you in L’Aquila for this exciting experience!