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Arctic Sea-Ice and  Mid-latitude Storm Tracks

The recent decline of Arctic sea-ice has instilled interest in the community, in particular for the potential impact that changes in the Arctic region can have on mid-latitude weather and climate. The anomalous atmospheric circulation associated to low ice conditions has been identified by many studies, but the role of sea-ice and the path for a causal link are debated and under investigation.  Recent studies have demonstrated the complexity and the non-linearity of this link and have shown the importance of regional teleconnections. In this seminar I give a short review of some relevant results, then I discuss how we can infer the link between sea-ice reduction in the Barents and Kara seas and the circulation in the Euro-Atlantic sector. Finally I discuss how the connection between sea-ice variability and mid-latitude storm-tracks can be investigated.

Biografia: Paolo Ruggieri is a PhD student in the Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences (DSFC) of the University of L’aquila. His research interests are the link between polar regions and mid-latitude weather and mechanisms of troposphere-stratosphere interaction.